About Me


They call this the ABOUT ME section, but I have chosen to approach this section of my website in the same way that I have approached my entire real estate career, by making it ABOUT YOU. 

I know that buying or selling a home can seem a bit intimidating. I understand that YOU just want a realtor who you can count on to be honest and upfront and to always advise you in a way that puts YOUR interests first. I am not motivated by commissions. I am motivated by building relationships with my customers that will last long after the closing table. 

If you are interested in buying a home: I think YOU deserve a realtor who would prefer to see you buy nothing than buy the wrong thing. I think YOU deserve a realtor who will search tirelessly until he does find you the right home, exhausting all options and thinking outside of the box when necessary. I think YOU deserve a realtor who will utilize available technology to deliver new listings to you immediately, so that when the right property does hit the market, you will be one of the first to see it.  

If you are selling a home:  I think YOU deserve a realtor who will market your property correctly and creatively to showcase it to as many potential buyers as possible.  I think YOU deserve a realtor who will stay in communication with you throughout the entire process, constantly providing feedback from showings and updates on all recent market activity in your area.

My commitment to putting YOU first is my #1 core principle and at the very heart of why I became a real estate agent.  I would love to work for you, so thank YOU for considering me for the job. - Brian